Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our little singer

A has a new book from Auntie Emma in England.  It's full of songs about Thomas the Tank Engine, and little buttons that play tunes along with the words.  (They're actually pretty nice sounding little sound buttons too.)  Paul and I have sang these song over and over since returning from England.  We wake up with, "Sir Topham Hat, he's the head of the railway," going around and around in our heads.  All this time, A hasn't sang one word. He'll find the right page and press the corresponding button. Then he says, "Mama, sing!"

Last night, he wanted to take the book to bed with him. I was absolutely shocked to hear him singing the words of the songs all by himself.  Tough words, too.  Like this song (he can sing this!):

It sounds like a little thing, but made me stop and think how much he is learning everyday that I don't realize.  Learning from watching me, then trying things out himself. It makes me want to be a better person, to set a better example.  It's a lot of responsibility, this parenting thing.  Whew.

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Candie said...

I know what you mean! Right now I am thinking about all of the Spanish I should be teaching Luz. My nephew loves Thomas the train and is making his own train set up in their garage. I love those cartoons!