Thursday, October 21, 2010

Knocked Up Blog

Did I tell you all that I'm writing a new blog for Pregnancy and Newborn magazine? I can't remember if I did.

It's called Knocked Up, and it's basically a weekly chronicle of my pregnancy (published every Wednesday). This is where you can find all of the gory details, including the kind of funny story about how I found out I was pregnant in a beach house on Lake Michigan!

I'll add a link to the sidebar, too.


Alison said...

I just read your post about cravings. Pregnancy cravings are the strangest!

During my first tri, the only thing that tasted good to me were sweet, cold, sugary drinks (and I found out I was pregnant in December). I was all about the lemonade, soda, and slushies. And everything that I had a major aversion to (hummus, non-grilled sandwiches, chewing gum) I still haven't really been able to enjoy since.

Ugh. I certainly do not miss the weird food thing!

Sharon said...

You better post the baby results!