Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dear A,

Wow, does two years fly by in the blink of an eye!  Even though it's often said by parents, it is shocking to bring home a squirmy, squeaky little bundle and have him turn into a spirited, energetic toddler just a few years later.   Even at two, you have a zest for life I never could have imagined the day you were born.  Many days, you have more energy than your dad and I put together.  You're chatting up a storm, which is a joy to experience. We're even starting to have little conversations, you and I.  The other day, I asked you to put something on the floor and you said. "Already."  Where you learned that word, I have no idea!  You were thrilled by your recent trip to visit Nanny and Grampy in England. You told everyone at the airport, "I'm going on an airplane."  And then on the plane, "I'm on an airplane!" - over, and over.  You love slides - "big ones, mama!" - and running like daddy, and pizza (which we'll order for dinner tonight).  You are one of those kids who falls asleep exhausted the second that you stop moving.  Your dad and I love you to bits!  We can't to see where all of this energy takes you!



Alison said...

Coolest diaper ever. Happy birthday Aaron!

MaggieWags said...

What a great letter!! Love the outfit!!!

Joel and Maureen said...

Awww, he is so adorable. It is amazing how time flies. Happy birthday, A!

Heather said...

Happy Belated A!! Sorry I am late. FABULOUS diaper by the way.

Lots of love,