Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picking things out

It's strawberry season here in New York - exciting for us!   My mom, Aaron and I picked 8 quarts yesterday at a local farm.  Well, my mom and I picked.  Aaron mostly ate.  For now, we have two quarts out for eating and the rest frozen for the fall and winter.  Interested in freezing berries this summer?
- Rinse them and cut off the tops.
- Lay them on a pan in a single layer, and put the pan in your freezer.
- Once they're frozen, transfer them to containers or resealable bags for long-term storage.

I've also been hitting the garage sale scene in Ithaca.  Spring and summer mean lots of people moving to and from this collegetown, which means lots of good garage sales.  So far, I've got a Little Tykes slide for A ($15!!), a like-new North Face ski jacket for me ($10!), a bunch of kid puzzles and books from a pre-school that is closing, and a few dresses.    From the 1950s to the 1970s, they made good dresses - that you would wear without tank tops and shawls, dresses with pockets!  I think I need more vintage clothes in my wardrobe. Like this:

Caught red-handed, literally
red-handed, literally

garage sale dress

See those pockets?  Heaven!
how dresses should be

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Annah said...

I love picking strawberries... down here in Miami there's a place but it's really far. Love the pic of your baby :) Super cutie