Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring snow

I'm feeling like I've woefully neglected this blog. (Apologies for that.) It somehow got away from me as life got busy. 

I'm officially self-employed now. (If you know of anyone who needs a writer, send them my way).  A and I have been on lots of little adventures: in the pool, with Grandpa Hall, to farms, in the rain, in the snow today!, playing with slime and paint and chalk.  It's delightful!  And it's a good thing I'm around more, because the little guy is growing right before my eyes. He strung together his first little sentence this week - "Big jet all gone" - after a larger-than-usual plane flew over our house and he's been repeating it for three days now. He repeats a lot of what he hears these days, so we're trying to be extra careful about what we say. He also learned to say "hyena" and "spaghetti," which thrills him to bits.

I've got lots of little house projects in various stages - a cloth book shelf for A's room, reupholstering our kitchen chairs, painting A's dresser, making a vegetable garden. Stay tuned for updates on those.  Until then, I hope your spring is less snowy than ours today!

PS - I've added some new categories at the right.  Whatcha think?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the snow...but I remember last year on April 14th when we were leaving Ithaca...it was snowing and we had on winter coats. Today was spent by the pool here in Charleston...a lovely 80 degrees! Hope to never have to come back north!