Thursday, February 25, 2010

SNOW Day! And a sweet story.

We're supposed to get a whopping 18 inches here in good ol' Ithaca, which bodes well since the whole fam is taking a little ski trip this weekend. If we can make it up to Vermont (c'mon snow plows!), the skiing is going to be amazing!

I do owe you a story about my new mug. It begins almost two years ago. I was shopping for a wedding present and came across some beautiful bowls and mugs in a local pottery studio. When I purchased them (looking super pregnant), the potter gave me a mug with a little baby pig on the handle and best wishes for a healthy baby. I LOVED that mug. I drank out of it every day. It made me feel so happy, and motherly, and like there were good, generous people in the world.

Fast forward four months or so. Paul and I came home with our new little baby boy. We were loving life, but certainly had those days when lack of sleep made everyone a little cranky and edgy. It was on one of those days that Paul broke my piggy mug. And when he brought it into the nursery to show me, I burst into tears (those darn horomones), which made him feel really bad. And the mug was a sore spot between us for a while.

Fast forward to last week, when Paul comes home from work with a big brown box (a belated Valentine's present) that has my name written in permanent marker at the top. I open it up and wade through all of the brown paper to find...another baby piggy mug!! He tracked down the potter, who lives in this great purple house a few miles from us, and had him fire up a brand new baby piggy mug. Just for me. I love this one even more! So that's the story of the baby piggy mug.

Guys, is your wife pregnant? Buy her a baby piggy mug. I'm sure Gary will make you one. They're just what a hormonal woman needs.

You can see the original here.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOLY CATS!!!! Thank you :) I blogged the whole thing last week too, lemme get that link. Your husband is a nice guy indeed.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

btw, have a nice vacation :)
Here is my post about you and the mugs
Thanks again! gr

MaggieWags said...

What a sweet story!!! and I LOVE the purple house.

Alison said...

This story made me laugh. Paul is so sweet. What a great Valentine's Day gift!