Thursday, February 4, 2010


A certain little someone in our house is very into pouring right now. Pouring what, you ask? Whole nuts in their shells, plastic alphabet letter, dried black beans - and anything else I can think of. They go in and out of whatever containers are currently in our recyling, plus a few measuring cups. It's very serious business. And it's sprouted a whole new list of words - "beans," "ohhhh no!" and "nuts!" are my current favorites.

A has also been pouring water in the bathtub and milk into his cereal (with a little help from mom), but I haven't been brave enough to give him containers of water outside of the bath. I think that's what summer is for.

Check out the concentration - it's palpable:


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Sharon said...

That is super cute. Miles is still too busy putting things in his mouth to even dream of pouring. A looks great, love the pics.