Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My leap

There is big change afoot at our little home on Meadowlark Drive. Starting in January, I'm leaving my full-time job to spend more time taking care of A and start a little freelance business. Words can't describe how excited I am! Oh the joy! The baking! The coffee dates with other moms! The hanging out at the Sciencenter!

Then reality sets in and I get a little nervous. I am willfully giving up full-time employment at a time when a lot of people are clutching onto their jobs for dear life. And I will no longer have the guaranteed me-time - albeit in small snippets - that comes with dropping off your kid to someone else for the day. (Do you know how much I absolutely love knitting on the bus from my parking lot to my office? I do. I love it.)

I have no illusions that my life is going to be less tiring. Taking care of a one-year-old and a house, plus working a bit each week, is going to make for a very full life. But the opportunity to be the kind of mom that I'm dying to be, but can't quite pull off with a full-time gig, is really the chance of a lifetime. Literally, I will never get a chance to do this again.


vacationmomma said...

Congratulations Sheri. As a full time stay at home mom, I can tell you it was the most rewarding job of my life! You will not regret it. Not everyone has the opportunity to do such a thing, but you do and Aaron will be so much richer for it. Guaranteed. Enjoy. (I thought for sure you were making an announcement of a little brother or sister for Aaron, lol)

Alison said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about your daytime adventures!

Although, vacationmomma, there are plenty of daycare kids who have lives that are just as rich, guaranteed. If it's best for your family, it's best for your child.

Dave said...

Hey Sheri,
Just wanted to let you know that you are definately doing the right thing! Sure, the money might be a bit tight for a while, but Aaron will be this age only once.
I love it during the school holidays when I get to hang out with Gabe all day.
So what will your wee bizznizz be? Knitting to order?

The Hall said...

Dave Williams, how the heck are ya?!? Man, we need to catch up with you guys. And I need to see some new Gabe pix. Big birthday coming up soon - exciting!! Give our love to the whole fam.