Friday, November 13, 2009

5 on Friday: Random Facts from a Sleepy Mom

Does anyone else feel like a zombie on Fridays? Man, I am dying for a cup of coffee, but I don't dare run the coffee grinder while the little guy is sleeping. So forgive me if these don't make sense.

1. I put slices of ginger in broth I made this week, and it was surprisingly yummy.

2. Yesterday was the last day of our CSA box, and I forgot to pick it up. Whoops. I love fresh veggies, but I am kinda done preparing so many of them. Next week, it's frozen peas and carrots for the whole fam.

3. Have you ever put Emergen-C in hot water? It's good. Ask Paul.

4. I am EXCITED for Thanksgiving. Did you know it's my favorite holiday? Hands down.

5. Paul has put a ban on Christmas music in our house until the day after Thanksgiving. I think that's a good idea. One holiday at a time, folks.

Happy weekend.


vacationmomma said...

When I have people staying here and I don't want them to be awakened to the sound of me grinding beans...I grind them at night before going to bed. I have even resorted to going out on the porch to grind them outside....or into the garage! So the fact that you are missing your coffee is funny to me! Have a wonderful weekend.

Alison said...
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Alison said...

I banned Brad from the coffee beans when Liam was born. Now it's all pre-ground coffee all the time!