Monday, October 26, 2009

The speed of light

Well, that was not the weekend that Paul and I expected. A quick little jaunt to the Subaru dealership on Saturday morning turned into a day of car-shopping, an unplanned trip to Syracuse, and a farewell to Jimmy Highlander. It was more than Paul and I bargained for. Car shopping with a one-year-old - who might have an ear infection - gets old very, very quickly. (We listened to our fill of Raffi on the way to and from Syracuse, but Paul and I both agree that is better than a whining kid. Anyone else like to ite ipples and baninis?) But honestly, I feel relieved already to say farewell to our big, fancy SUV. It never felt right from the start. And my our new Outback wagon feels perfect. :)

Sunday was a day of catching up on everything we missed Saturday: laundry, cooking for the week from our huge CSA harvest, mowing the lawn, washing the cars, ad nauseum. Oh, and two trips to the local urgent care, which was so packed from the local flu outbreak that we left both times without seeing a doc. Needless to say, I wouldn't call it a restful weekend. We did have a big BBQ last night - steak, lamp chops, venison sausage - that Paul called the weekend highlight. And I do believe he has photos to share of all that meat.

This week, I'm going to practice taking it slower and not accomplishing nearly as much. (Exhale.)

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