Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the road and back again

Did you know we took a whirlwind trip through Michigan? We did. But first things first. (We have a lot of catching up to do, you know. My apologies for that.)

A's becoming a pro on the guitar. I know you can hardly believe it because I can hardly believe it. But he can actually strum, and pick individual strings with his tiny little fingers. Credit to Paul for handing down some of his musical talent. :)

We actually had to pull out the snow suit in August!! I've been taking A out in the jogging stroller a few mornings a week before work. (Did you know I'm training for a half marathon? There's something new.) One morning, it was 38 degrees when we left. Hence the snow suit.

We've been lovin' the Ithaca Sciencenter. It rocks so much, we joined for the year.

And, yes, we did a whirlwind trip to Michigan over Labor Day. As always, the drive was long, but connecting with everyone made it completely worthwhile. Many, many thanks to the Phelpses, A.K. and the Shermans for their warm hospitality.


Anonymous said...

I have looked everyday for a week for an update! Thank you for posting Sheri...I miss everyone so much!

Candie said...

The Ice cream face is my favorite picture! what a cutie!