Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday night traditions

We've settled into a pretty fun rountine on Friday nights.
  • Make-your-own pizza on the BBQ. How is it I have never tried this before? It's so easy and good.
  • A little guitar-session by Paul, usually accompanied by me dancing around trying to make A laugh. Oh, how I wish I had an ounce of musical talent.
  • Purity. Yum.

A is absolutely captivated by Paul playing the guitar. When Paul picks it up, A flaps his arms around. (That's the signal for "excited" around here.) And then he sits and watches in awe.

Ann Arborites: Note the Zingerman's bib. :)


vacationmomma said...

Paul has to learn "Rockie Raccoon"...Bob used to sing it to our kids all the time...and just on this last visit to see Taylor...she mentioned it. I will have to ask him how it is by. Miss you guys. We just had Friday night grilled pizza! It is the best. We will have to share recipes.

Monica said...

Mark and I are big fans of the grilled pizza too! Thanks so much for sharing these videos, I always watch them and I'm always glad I did :)

Becky Hud said...

Wow -- That was so awesomely cute! Thanks for sharing.