Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bambi on the loose

Last night we had one of those moments that called for a professional video camera mounted on our back deck. But alas, we have a mediocre hand-held camera and an even worse videographer (me), so this one will have to live in my mind's eye. The good thing about that is I get to practice my descriptive writing skills so I can tell you about.

We were just finishing up dinner. (Leftover green hamburgers, among other things. If you're intrigued, e-mail me for the recipe.) My mom was looking out the back window for critters, as she often does. "You guys, come here, come here," she says in a really loud whisper. Paul, Aaron, and I crowd around the windows at the back of our house looking for any movement at all. Paul thinks he sees something at the edge of the woods, but not me.

And then there it is. A fawn about the size of a small Golden Retriever, sprinting across our backyard with all of its might. This baby deer looked just like a real-life Bambi, but all frantic and frazzled, running sloppily back and forth and having a grand ol' time. It couldn't have been more than a week old. I think it was learning how to run. Amazing.

Can you imagine if our children were born able to run? I stood there holding A thinking about how he can't even stand on his own. How his big challenge at the moment is trying to get from laying down to standing in his crib without any help. Of course, that led me think how crazy it would be to give birth to a little person who can already run.



In other news, our Community Supported Agriculture farm share started last week. We got five huge bags of greens - Asian salad greens, arugula, swiss chard, kale, and head lettuce (hence the green hamburgers.) And turnips, radishes and a hand-full of finger potatoes that tasted AMAZING. A loved every veggie we gave him. He ate a whole green hamburger Tuesday night, and feasted on the turnips as well. Summer = yummy.


Alison said...

We started a CSA for the first time this year. Unfortunately, a big bunch of RADISHES were in our delivery this week. Blech! But the rest of it was fantastic. Those green hamburgers sound intriguing - send me the recipe when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll "bite"...what is a green hamburger? Share the recipe please.
Saute those radishes...changes their flavor. Really!

The Hall said...

My mom should really be writing this. She's the expert. Basically, you steam your greens. Dry then off very well. Then stick them in a food processor with a few eggs, breadcrumbs, parmesean, onion, garlic and black pepper. You can throw in some Italian spices too. Whir it up. Make patties. Then pan fry or BBQ on very low heat. (Those puppies burn quick.) Mom, that right?

Janet, I got a whole new batch of radishes today. I'll let you know how the saute goes.

Sharon said...

Within a month of M's birth, Dan dreamed that our baby was born able to walk! He said it was a little baby in every way but he was walking around and everyone was amazed. Hilarious! Every time I need to go to the bathroom and I put M on the floor on his activity mat I am thankful he can't even roll over yet!