Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new tactic

I've been looking for a new strategy to keep this space updated. Motivation is really the key. So I'm going to try this tactic I found on one of my regular reads. I'll call mine "5 on Friday." Basically, every Friday I'll jot down 5 things on my mind as a little writing exercise. (Except today, I'm going to do it on Wednesday because it's been that kind of week.)

I'm also been toying with the idea of using this space to recognize - and hopefully amplify - the joys of life. (Another stolen idea.) We'll see where that takes me. Hopefully somewhere good, because in the craze of working motherhood, I need all of the good I can get! Here goes:

1. Some people believe in saving the best for last, but I HAVE to write this one down first. A big, happy welcome to baby Miles Daniel, who was born to my forver-roommate Sharon last night. Mom and baby are going great, and Dad is mighty proud! It's a happy day!
2. Preparations are beginning for the upcoming visit from Nanny Sylv and Grampy Colin. Namely, we bought a new electric kettle and a new wireless Internet router. The important stuff, you know?
3. We had snow on the ground today, but not much. I'm going to look at it with my rose-colored glasses and call it winter's last hurrah.
4. Aaron's got a tooth! It's on the bottom right, and it popped out on Friday. Let the chomping begin.
5. I got to eat a tuna wrap for lunch today, which I'm especially grateful for after my pregnancy-induced tuna hiatus. Yum!

Baby Miles

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