Friday, April 10, 2009

5 on Friday: In the nick

Lucky you, I'm going to post two lists of happy, random thoughts this week. At 8:17p.m. on Friday. Just in time.
1. My legs hurt so good from a 4.72 mile run this morning - my longest since the 2007 Chicago marathon. (My new running partner Molly has a GPS, which rocks!)
2. Guess who has two - yes two! - teeth coming in at the same time. Considering horror stories I've heard, he's handling it pretty well.
3. There is a pot full of freshly-boiled eggs cooling on our stove for decorating tomorrow. Easter is underrated.
4. Paul and A got to spend the day doing guy-stuff while I was at work. (Auto industry = no work on Good Friday.) They were totally giggling at each other when I got home. I love that.
5. I have the most beautiful hyacynth sitting on my window sill in the dining room. I owe you a photo of it. As well as updated pix of The Boy. They're coming this weekend. Promise.

Wow, that took more brain power than I expected.

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