Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The hunt

When I was little, I had this exact wall hanging in my room. I can remember reading it over and over, trying to figure out what all of the words meant. I hadn't thought about it for years. When I took Aaron to the doctor last week for his six-month check-up (17 pounds, 6 ounces!), there was a needlepoint version of the same poem on the wall.

Now that I'm a mom, these words take on a whole new meaning. I think they're a really great reminder that each of those little interactions you have with your kids everyday make a huge difference in how they grow up. So now I'm on a hunt for one. Any ideas?

(This one is from backhomeagainvintage and it's already gone. Boo.)

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Alison said...

I totally remember that. It was hanging up in my kingerdarten classroom!

I bet you could have it custom-made. Does Ithaca have any arts or crafts fairs? You could check out one of those and find a local artist that does wall hangings, carvings, etc.

There are a couple books from my childhood that I'm on the hunt for to read to our kid. Now I wish my parents would have saved all of our old stuff!