Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas, Act Two

After our lovely Christmas Day (and a whirlwind afternoon of packing), we were off for A's biggest adventure yet! We made one very quick stop to visit the Michigan relatives (with very few photos to show for it, sadly), and then it was onto the plane to visit Nanny and Grampy in England. The excitement was palpable! There, we accomplished everything we should on a visit to England - plenty of Cadbury's and Stella, my mother-in-law's delicious roast dinner, a wonderful visit with Auntie Ivy and cuddles galore for little A - whew-we!

It turns out that A is quite the expert traveler. I wouldn't say the same about his parents though. Traveling with a little munchkin is an entirely different ballgame. For starters, I need none of the normal amusements I typically bring along (books, knitting, playing cards). An infant is enough to keep you occupied - go figure!

Paul's new addiction

Napping en route

Family dinner

Dig in!

Three generations



Alison said...

OK - I have to ask - what's with the paper crowns? A British thing, or just a Freemantle family tradition?

The Hall said...

It's a British thing. They come in Christmas crackers - those shiny foil tubes you can find at fancy shops. Pull the ends and they open with a snap to give you a hat, a joke (which you have to read to everyone at the table), and a toy.

The Hall said...

Sorry I missed you guys again! The England trip only left us one day in Michigan, instead of the week I was planning. Sounds like you had a good trip up to the UP, though!

Alison said...

No problem - trust me, I know how crazy traveling over the holidays can be, and I don't even have a kid! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas/New Year and are safe and warm back in Ithaca!