Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beautiful days...

Oh, the life of a 10-day-old and his mom. It all sounds so very mundane when I write it down, but I've been loving every minute of it. It's amazing - I thought life with a newborn would be a bit boring. But to me, this little guy is the most fascinating thing in the world. And it's a good thing - otherwise I think new moms would go crazy. :)

Aaron and I have settled into a bit of routine. It goes something like this: He wakes up (or I wake him up if he hasn't eaten in four hours.) I change his diaper, he eats, he stays awake for 15 or 20 minutes. And then it's back to sleep.

He loves sticking his hands in his mouth, and gets very crabby if he can't. (They were up near his face before he was born, and he still likes them there.) He LOVES watching everything around him - especially his mobile. And my mom says he's going to be a thinker. He does always look like the little wheels in his brain are turning.

Other than that, the big excitement around here this week was our first family outing - to Friendly's for ice cream sundaes. Aaron slept in his car seat the whole time. Paul and I devoured our treats - I had coffee and chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge and Paul had some crazy chocolate, brownie, cookie ice cream with M&Ms on top. We were out for maybe 45 minutes, but it felt so very adventurous.


A2Girl said...

yeah for family adventures and hot fudge sundays!

mike said...

you're seeing everything with new eyes...i love it. sleep tight, aaron. (and paul, and sheri)