Thursday, September 25, 2008

Check him out!

We've made it through our first night at home with at least a bit of sleep for all three of us. So far, I'm on cloud nine - absolutely loving hanging out with this little guy.

He quite good considering he's only been around for 68 hours or so. He loves to suck on our fingers, and he found his own fist to suck on today. (We're holding off on pacifers until we get the hang of breast-feeding.) Just before he starts to cry, he makes a squeaky sound like a baby eagle. He also gets the hiccups quite frequently.

I've posted pictures on our Flickr site.


mary said...

Oh, Sheri!

He's wonderful. I'm so happy everything went well and he's finally here. You know, he was born on an auspicious day. September 22nd is my birthday, too.

I think I'm catching a hint of red hair. How sweet!!

I have a few things for Aaron that I'll leave with John. I'm out sick today or I would have done it already.

Take care and enjoy this precious time with your family.


mike said...

wowie wow wow.

Alison said...

He's absolutely goregeous. I love the photo of Paul holding him while sitting on the bed. That truly gives you an idea of how tiny he is! I can't wait to meet him.