Friday, August 29, 2008

Take Out Big Boy Spagetti - Pauly Style!!

Sheri has been craving Big Boy spagetti ever since we left Michigan (No Big Boys in NY unfortunately), so since I was in Michigan this week I thought she deserved a plate of the stuff.
Here it is on our kitchen counter in Ithaca:

And here is a craving satisfied and happy Sheri:

And it was still warm when it arrived! How? Here's how it got from Pontiac, MI to Ithaca, NY:

Yep, the Borg Warner Executive Jet! I love my job... sometimes!


The Hall said...

My husband rocks!

Pat said...

I agree with you! He does RoCk!!!

Alison said...

This would make a great Big Boy commercial.

A2Girl said...

seriously - big boy??? Curious - you can take the girl out of michigan, but not the michigan out of the girl - nice work paul!

Heather said...

I agree too - your husband ROCKS!

mike said...

i served plates of this stuff in my high school and college days...gotta say i would never have guessed it would EVER make it on a private jet. great story.

hats off, paul!