Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving week

It was back to reality quick after an amazing week at the beach. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. Most of the time, I was too distracted my the total relaxation to pick up the camera. But I did get some quality time with tons of people I miss including my mom, who moves to Ithaca in just two weeks!; my Aunt Gail and my cousins from Grand Rapids, whom I don't see nearly enough of; and a ton of our rockin' AA friends, who always deliver way more than their share of laughs. If you were there to witness the wonder of it all, I'd love to see your photos!

After the on a daily basis. We get the moving truck on Sunday, which will beach, we made a whirlwind, day-long stop in Livonia, where we saw a bunch more family and made stops at Office Max, Ikea and REI. (But not Bed, Bath & Beyond.) Then it was back an eight-hour drive back to Ithaca, where we're now spending the week with D. Williams and his lovely lady Deb from Birmingham, England. All the while, we're getting the last splatters of paint up in the new house and moving boxes. This officially marks our fourth move in 12 months, and hopefully the last one for a long time. Hooray!

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