Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun with mom!

My mom's been out for a swell visit that's involved apartment-hunting, lots of yummy food and a Saturday viewing of the Sex in the City movie. Fun!

Pregnancy update: Still feeling great. The belly is definitely out there these days. And several times a day, I feel little kicks. It's like someone flicking my stomach from the inside and it's strangely reassuring. Holding strong at 12-minute miles on the jogging front - sweet.

And today, we pull the trigger on the house purchase. Stay tuned for tales of remodeling...

Sweet and sour pork from the grill:

Veggie enchiladas:

The movies! (You can't see it, but my stomach sticks out nearly as far as the large popcorn.)


Taty Po said...

They always tell you to eat pork and see movies when you're expecting your first alien invasion, so I'm glad to see that you guys are preparing properly. When the alien comes, you will need to mount a mujahadeen-style resistance, utilizing improvised weapons, hit-and-run tactics - that kind of stuff. I guess you'll need to know whether Pork Chop or Lamb Chop will be a more worthy ally in your struggle with the alien. So get out the mint jelly and spend some time with Lambikens too. If I remember correctly, Pork Chop beats Lamb Chop 3:1.

Have you seen Ironman?

A2Girl said...

Taty po - are you suggesting that Sheri and Paul are giving birth to an Ironman or a porkchop? Paul did do an ironman, but I think you mean of the robert downey jr variety - in which case, I suggest they get the wee one started in rehab right from birth - might as well get all that hard work done before its know?

Alison said...

I just have to ask: did Paul see Sex and the City with you and your mom, or did he pose for the picture and then split? :)

A2Girl said...

I would bet money that paul absolutely saw sex in the city - he used to have a man crush on Mr. big

Pat said...

He was certainly with us! He laughed the loudest, too! It was fun!

The Mom

Pauly said...

Despite his slight indiscretion (I won't ruin the movie), I am more of a Steve fan these days. Family man, bit down to earth and in no way rich.
I am that man in the Bronx. And I'm married to a red head!