Wednesday, May 14, 2008

19 days to homeownership...

Now that most of the details are in place, Paul and I are getting pretty excited about our upcoming house purchase and remodeling project. We had some difficulty finding something we liked in our price range, so we decided to buy something a bit less expensive and fix it up. That's turned into gutting a kitchen and two bathrooms, laying wood floors and installing a stackable washer and dryer in the hall closet. We'll also be fixing up the garden level apartment below the house to rent out starting in August. So it's going to be a busy summer - but it will be a good kind of busy. Luckily, this should fulfil all of those nesting instincts, which are starting to ramp up!

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the front of the house. Pictures below are of the back of the house (we'll be living on the upper level) and the ugly kitchen that will soon be no more.


In maternity news, I have a product recommendation. The Gabriella belt (think big piece of elastic and Velcro that goes around my stomach) has gotten me back to jogging without any annoying tummy giggling. Hooray for 12-minute miles!


Off to Chicago tomorrow to witness the wedding of Jen and her beau Chris. This is one amazing couple, and it's sure to be a magical weekend. I'll post pix next week.


A2Girl said...

woo hoo! thanks for the house photos!!! I totally agree on the 12 min miles - and I am not even pregnant! have fun at Jen's wedding!

Tafe said...

The photo suggest that your house is actually two trailers stack one on top of the other. Good for tailgating.

Alison said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see before and after pics!