Friday, April 18, 2008

First knit

I've officially completed my first knitting project. I signed up for a class this winter after figuring out that knitting is big in Ithaca. Very big. My uncle in Michigan assures me that the reason I started knitting is because I'm pregnant, and all pregnant women begin feeling crafty the moment the concieve. He says if I would have told him when I first started kntting, I could have skipped the little stick that turns blue. Go figure. Anyway, it's pretty fun. And as long as I'm in this funny little nesting period, I think I'll make a baby hat next.

From all of you veteran knitters out there, tips and cool patterns welcome!


Alison said...

Did you felt this? It's SO cute! I haven't tried felting yet -- the whole concept is terrifying to me. Knowing me, I would spend weeks knitting something and ruin it in 5 minutes with the wrong water temperature.

I have a great hat pattern for circular needles. It can basically be used to make any size/any type of hat. I used it multiple times this winter. I'll send it to you.

Pat said...

I am very proud of my 'nesting' daughter! It is really adorable! Maybe a diaper bag?

Love, Mon

Amy W. said...

I have a good and easy hat pattern as well - I'll send you a link. Welcome to the club!

Candie said...

That is so cool... I have a few thread patterns!
congratulations on the little one in the oven.

The Hall said...

Alison, felting is totally not scary. You can't really ruin it - you just wash it in the hottest water possible until it felts. The only potential problem is that you have to account for some shrinking, but you do a little test square ahead of time so that's a known quantity. You should try it sometime!

Kathryn said...

That bag is totally cute. An amazing first project.

Okay--if you're really serious you HAVE to sign up for an account at It's completely revolutionized knitting. There's also an online w/ tons of free and supercute patterns. Ravelry is really the portal to all knitterly goodness.

There are more knitting blogs than you could ever imagine. . .don't get me started since I really should be working--not obsessing about knitting.

Welcome to the club!