Saturday, January 19, 2008


Be forewarned: we will not be able to watch much TV in Ithaca. The Direct TV guy came out today and delivered the news. You could think this would be a major shock to our systems, and it is a bit. But we've been living without TV for more than two weeks now, and it's not so bad. Crazy, huh?

We did upgrade our Netflix account today and purchased an old-fashioned antenna. Turns out we can get CBS. Think Sunday Morning, Survivor and NCAA basketball. Got rental recs? Bring 'em.


A2Girl said...

you will see most of what I have on netflix on your netflix page - but you should definitely get into the series things - like, Sopranos, six feet under, Weeds, that 70's show, Scrubs, Arrested Development -

big fans of the tv series - that way its over in 20 minutes :)

swigen said...

Put Deadwood at the top of your list.