Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sheri's turn in the gaps

And here she is, just finishing the first of three grueling climbs!

Apologies for the bad picture - I had the camera phone set on "take really crappy photo" instead of "take marginally OK photo". But you don't need a good picture to know how studly she is - especially if you're one of the guys that have already climbed out here (and that includes you Tyler Hamilton).
On a personal note - I believe it was Lance Armstrong who said "It's not about the bike". I disagree. It's all about the bike. What a difference my new steed is - I can climb like I've just fallen asleep with 8 testosterone patches on my arm.

Stay posted for news of what happens to my old bike....


A2Girl said...

see - I knew it - I KNEW it was about the bike-

good work Sheri Hall!!

The Hall said...

To be clear, that ride totally kicked my butt. We rode 35 miles and 14 were straight-up climbing. The whole thing took nearly 3 hours. When we finished, I thought I would puke.

I am married to one cool guy, who stayed with me the whole way and was completely patient and precise ever time I whined "How much farther to the top?"

A2Girl said...

I have to say - preciseness is v. nice when it comes to how much further you have to go!