Saturday, October 13, 2007


Nuf about the craziness that was the Chicago marathon. Onto Atlanta! I've been here (for real this time) for three days.

One word about the drive down: rear bike racks suck. Thank the heavens for twine, which was the only thing holding my mountain bike to the car on two separate occasions.

Mom and I have been bopping around the ATL for a few days now. We attempted to take public transportation to the botanical gardens. Bad idea. It took an two hours, including a mile of walking. Pouring salt on the wounds, there was free parking when we got there. This is a town designed for cars. Who knew? The gardens were fantastic - bug-eating plants, more bloomin' orchids than I've ever seen in my life, and a very cool-looking pond of lily pads.

We've also been sampling the local delicacies - Ragin' burritos and peach martinis have topped the list. Today, the Georgia Aquarium with the largest indoor tanks in the world! Stay tuned.


Tough Cookie said...
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Tough Cookie said...

My only bad Atlanta story involves public transportation -- riding the Marta(?) out of the city with about 6 billion other gross, sweaty people the day the bomb went off at the '96 Olympics. Talk about pleasant smells.