Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brasstown Baldies

If Tyler Hamilton happens to read this, know something; there are four guys on your tail, and I can guarantee we roll purely on Barbeque food and Pizza - no alleged EPO or blood doping here.

What started off as a planned ride of 3 medium grade climbs in the north Georgia mountains turned into a full-on assault of Brasstown Bald, 3 miles of hellatious hills, with a maximum 21% grade! We nearly bailed, but forged ahead (thanks to Riggs) and made it to the summit of a ride that is harder than anything in the Tour De France. We rule.


Tyler Hamilton said...

Wait - so you mean to tell me that a three mile ride is anything to brag about? Give me some of those kosher ribs, and I promise you I'll make it up that hill - without walking.


The Hall said...

Yeah, you and your imaginary - oh, make that dead - twin.