Monday, October 1, 2007

A Bitter Sweet Weekend

Well, that's almost it. The Hall is done at work and is officially unemployed. I am back in the rat race working for the Man. A beautiful Michigan fall weekend is now a fading image in the rearview mirror of our lives. But it was great. Thanks to Thienny-boy and the infamous Babypohemus for a wicked Sunday 70 miler. Bitches.

And kudos to my mother-in-law for mouth-watering barbeque ribs and not being mad for waking her up when I left for the airport at 4.45 this morning.

What's next? Tune in next week for Sheri's Chicago Marathon race report! It's this Sunday so feel free to write good luck comments all week. All I can say is - running makes you smokin' hot!


bender said...

shouldn't that read "working for 'der mann'"? weibchen.

Hud said...

Good gulldern dammmmed luck, Sheri!

Full coverage on Rocket Fever this weekend as Craigers is gone, so I'm in charge. guys look cool on your bikes. I look like a tool on mine.

The Hall said...

Hud - You, too, can look this cool. A consultation with Paul the Cycling Consultant will ensure your shorts fit properly and you're coordinated without looking too matchy-matchy. It'll cost you, thouh.