Sunday, August 26, 2007

Welcome to Moes!!

This gaggle of Moe's Southwest Grill customers are Rich, Andy and Willy - three guys I met whilst riding in the North Georgia mountains today. Nice guys and good riders to boot, both mountain and road. We'll be mountain biking next time and I think I'm gonna be in trouble!
And that was just the start of my crazy biking adventures. The first climb culminated in a couple of Harley Davidson motorbikes skidding out and crashing right behind us on the road! No injuries, just a case of road rash, but it could've been worse. On the second climb we nearly got struck by lightning, and the third climb was spent trying to see through the deluge of rain. Finally we come round the corner about a mile from the car and see a tricked out Nissan, ass-backwards in a hedge.
Then we went to Moes. Just another day in the GA mountains. Awesome.

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