Monday, August 6, 2007

Sam is Fit to Burst!

What happens when you put together a Brit, his redhead wife, mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, two moving dudes, a garage sale, a house full of furniture and boxes, a storage container and an inch of rain? Utter bedlem, that's what! This was the theatrical scene one would have encountered when following the slightly damp "Moving Sale" signs from Main St Plymouth to 580 Ross St - as many people did. Can I say that garage salers are a funny breed - if you said something cost 10 cents, they'd offer 5 cents. Weird.

Anyway the house is packed and the SAM leaves on Thursday. I flew back to ATL this morning after a night sleeping on the basement floor, leaving Sheri to do the final clean up.

And that is that. I will never set foot in 580 Ross St again. Sheri and I remenised about some of our favorite memories. Mine was opening the front door to a surprise visit from Neil and Dave. Sheri's was getting the living room painted after spending two years with yellow paint test squares on the wall!! There were many others of course - and blog readers, why don't you comment on this post with your favorite memories (real ones please, Dave Morris!). We'd like to hear 'em.


babypohemus said...

Man, I wish I could keep straight all the fun we may have had at that house... I have a vague recollection of forgetting to remember that when I thought back, I might not be able to retrieve a single remembrance. Sorry.


Neil Freemantle said...

Well, what can I say, lots of kewl memories, the night before the wedding, hours of PS3 GT action, getting to know my new big sis!! hi big sis! Um.. cutting the grass, getting snow off the roof and driveway. Surprising Paul on a secret visit was awesum!!

Tough Cookie said...

I vaguely recall losing hundreds of dollars at a Texas Holdem tournament in the Hall/Freemantle kitchen! (And by hundreds, I actually mean $10.) But it was the most fun I've had playing cards in years.

The Hall said...

Neil, you cut the grass? Really? :)